Behind the Disguise (DISCONTINUED)

Behind the Disguise (DISCONTINUED)

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Miko Mintae By kpopmintae Updated Oct 19, 2016

Storm Ace gets bullied everyday for no reason and is on her own.
Storm's like any other nerd down the street. Right? 
At night the nerd is gone and replacing the nerd is Black Angel the most feared street fighter in the country and has never lost a fight. They say she looks like an angel but fights with no mercy at all. When the fight ends the opponent is all but unconscious. 
Now meet Ash Ryder, the school's new Bad Boy. He doesn't even know Storm exists. He never smiles, just smirks and hangs out with his mates Kyle and Reece. Not only that but all three are rumored to be in a gang.
One day Ash and Storm run into each other in an alley way after Storm finished street fighting for the night. Ash doesn't recognize her and finds her intriguing. Ash is determined to find out who she is. Will Ash find out who she is and if he does will he discover her secret? Will they Love or Hate each other?
Go find out in Behind the Disguise. 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ This is my first book on Wattpad so I hope you like it.  Most of the photos and videos are not mine they are all from google and you tube. 


 There is strong language.
Lots of violence and blood. I'm not trying to be offensive to anybody, just trying to put it in the characters point of view.
Also it is a little inappropriate but I don't think it is a mature rated book.
You have been warned XD.

Highest rank around 227 in teen fiction but that was in 2015 😂 I stopped writing a long time ago so it hasn't been ranked in ages. Still read it if you want rank doesn't matter much.

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IHateUsernamesToo IHateUsernamesToo Apr 20, 2017
If that were mine it'd be trashed with clothes everyfuckingwhere
Every girls dream (okay so maybe I’m stereotyping people here but I just like that phrase, I know it isn’t 100% true 😂)
hmkbye hmkbye Apr 11, 2017
I'm almost positive I've read this before but I remember nothing about it so yeah
Estrella2212 Estrella2212 Jun 21, 2017
colossus1999 colossus1999 Aug 29, 2016
I'm so glad I've found a book that the character has the same name as me 😁☺️
mardie_kaieti mardie_kaieti Jun 06, 2016
Omfg please do continue I really wants to find out what happens , pleaseeeeeee