Scarlett's Secret

Scarlett's Secret

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Before Anne Boyeln, there was another; this is her story. 

Scarlett, an orphaned, seventeen year old girl grew up on England's monarchy tending to the baby foals in the stables. Scarlett's gift of beauty soon becomes a curse as she catches the eye of the most powerful man of the sixteenth century; The King of England.

Her radiance and confidence is something the King has never experienced, thus forming his physical desire into something much more. But does Scarlett feel the same or will another member of the Kingdom steal her heart?

Based on famous quotes and similar events of the sumptuous King Henry VIII, 'Scarlett's Secret' portrays a sensual tale of intrigue, romance and betrayal set against the backdrop of a defining moment in European history.

So she doesn't forgets where she came from? Jackass. Oh wait, its Henry VIII, of course... 😒
Theocritus Theocritus Aug 13, 2016
It is ridiculous to think that one could not love a child because of who he is related to.The child cannot help to who, or why he was conceived. He is not responsible.
shishkebabmidoucheki shishkebabmidoucheki Oct 26, 2014
@moniquejane loving it :) it is so utterly unfortunate that I did not read this sooner! Just on a side note... Love your choice of cast :) very Tudors :)
VaineLuchia VaineLuchia Dec 03, 2013
"they dressed me up, only so he could dress me down"
                              genius. this writing is brilliant
venusyang venusyang Aug 09, 2013
@the_astonished_youth hahah aww thanks vee <3 three hours later, maybe i should start packing haha
the_astonished_youth the_astonished_youth Aug 07, 2013
Monique I actually love you right now! that was another good chapter and your writing gets stronger and stronger! aahh and the fact you update while I'm trying to pack for the retreat! haha loved it!