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Turned My World Upside down (ErenxFemaleLevi)

Turned My World Upside down (ErenxFemaleLevi)

15.4K Reads 709 Votes 24 Part Story
Kakashi Hatake By GracelynGood Updated Sep 15, 2016

Levi is in an abusive relationship with Erwin. Levi is very depressed and suicidal. She meets Eren and he turns Levi's  world upside down.Eren gets Levi pregnant and Levi  becomes ill during the pregnancy. After giving birth to the baby she was put into a coma from being so ill and her past with Erwin. Four years after being in a coma she wakes up and she is happy with her family..... or so she thinks
( Contains rape,abuse,sex and suicidal thoughts and actions)

But.... he just had sex with you so.............. how many STDs do you both have and how does Erwin put out that much??
Holy crap female Levi is busty. Didn't know genderbenders could keep this much integrity to the original design and be that feminine
LyonsMajikku LyonsMajikku Jun 03, 2016
Well damn, this is so intense. Oh, how my beautiful titan killer is being abused, I tell you!!