Property [BoyxBoy]

Property [BoyxBoy]

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Loveyaoiforlife By Loveyaoiforlife Updated Nov 24

" Who said that you could go outside, huh?! I told you to stay away from that man! You belong to be, and I don't share what belongs to me!" I knew I was scaring him beyond compare but I was blinded my my own agonizing anger. He's making me crazy. Making all my feelings combine. His terrified brown eyes looked at me in fear, but he still said nothing.

Shane just took over his fathers company. He works day and night, with very limited breaks. Work just keeps coming. He hasn't ate a home made meal in months and his house is basically a desert, sleeping at his office. Shane's father grew worried and decides to hire a housemaid for him who would cook and clean. Shane confronts his father and tells him that he doesn't need one. But he ends up getting one for his fathers word is law.
Once he meets the invader of his house, his world turns around. For better or for worse...


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hdfmkxj hdfmkxj Oct 28
Uh oh ALERT ALERT Y.A.N.D.E.R.E  MODE 😲😲😱😲😓😨😨
ggooll ggooll Oct 08
It's really good :)
                              Please keep up the amazing work author-san <3
zaza_luvs zaza_luvs Sep 06
You obviously haven't met goldilocks she ate food slept in they bed and broke stuff
So good omg I love it! Bravo! Good job on the book so far! Please update! I'm dying to read more!
malazy100 malazy100 Aug 11
It's really good. I like your style of writing and the way you explain how the character is feeling. Please write more😁