Property [BoyxBoy]

Property [BoyxBoy]

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Loveyaoiforlife By Loveyaoiforlife Updated 6 days ago

" Who said that you could go outside, huh?! I told you to stay away from that man! You belong to be, and I don't share what belongs to me!" I knew I was scaring him beyond compare but I was blinded my my own agonizing anger. He's making me crazy. Making all my feelings combine. His terrified brown eyes looked at me in fear, but he still said nothing.

Shane just took over his fathers company. He works day and night, with very limited breaks. Work just keeps coming. He hasn't ate a home made meal in months and his house is basically a desert, sleeping at his office. Shane's father grew worried and decides to hire a housemaid for him who would cook and clean. Shane confronts his father and tells him that he doesn't need one. But he ends up getting one for his fathers word is law.
Once he meets the invader of his house, his world turns around. For better or for worse...


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gemac54 gemac54 Jun 19, 2017
Omg based on the comments, I wasn't the only one who thought that😂😂
Caspianv Caspianv Aug 17, 2017
                              Girl I so want to fly with you
                              Maybe die with you
                              Maybe drown with you
                              Right here right now
                              ~DPR Live.
Atsukakagehina Atsukakagehina 6 days ago
Lol I realized that the author made the same mistake in her other book (sentimental bully)😂😂very cute!!! ♥
FatoomBM FatoomBM Oct 07, 2017
The person it self 
                              But because he doesn't know who the person is, he said they rather than he or she
_hyde429 _hyde429 Jun 07, 2017
I'd rather know the story under the perspective of the housemaid and there are numerous grammatical/spelling  error. Love the style of writing though! All the best (:
CCyoungblood247 CCyoungblood247 Jun 12, 2017
Because you probably told him a lot of your secrets and if you stop being friends with him then you would probably have to killl him. (Me n my friend😂💯