Jungkook's Bitch {Vkook} (On Hold)

Jungkook's Bitch {Vkook} (On Hold)

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Juancock Cena By flashgal_101 Updated Sep 03

"W-what are you doing??" I asked a little frightened at him grabbing my waist. 

He pinned me down onto his office desk and smirked. 

"Let's finish YOUR paperwork shall we?" Jungkook seductively huffed in my ear. 

Taehyung is in need for a job and Jungkook, a famous business man that has the perfect job for him, to be Jungkook's Bitch.

illicitblue illicitblue Nov 05
Tbh I can see JungKook giving Taehyung an evil seductive smirk, you see the way he looks at Taehyung with Jealousy
holy_tass95 holy_tass95 Nov 27
hoe is he ripping all his clothes? does tae wear thin fabric? yh thts probably it
That 0-100 real quick like okay then you horny fucks calm your jungcock down I understand the taebooty is irresistible but boi
illicitblue illicitblue Nov 05
JungKook being doing some "extreme" paperwork.. He's making that paper work. Alright.. I'm done
MinJeonHoo MinJeonHoo a day ago
when Jeon jungkook blinks, breaths, or do anything proving that he's alive