H2O Delirious x Reader - Vampire

H2O Delirious x Reader - Vampire

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I'm just a normal girl. I'm 16 years old and have literally no friends. Well maybe a few but not like anyone would care. I've seen things in life that I shouldn't have seen. I've done things in life that I shouldn't have done. 

I regret doing things that I shouldn't have done, but without doing them I would be who I am today. This is only the first part of how I met the love of my life. The other part will have to be continued elsewhere.

Let's stop my ranting. Here's my story...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I would like to dedicate a portion of this story to @Jakseptic. Sadly, her story she made like this with Jacksepticeye is no longer there. Either way, go check out her profile. Enjoy!

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_pikapool_ _pikapool_ Oct 08, 2017
I’m wondering who lets their child out at night without noticing?
Manikiichan Manikiichan Oct 08, 2017
I'm 4'11 so if he's a few inches then he's short asf for a dude
kluckka kluckka Feb 12
You blushed?!? WTF! We literally just met him by accidentally hitting him in the face with an umbrella. To which his proceeds to lure down a dark alley... 🙏 👋 BOI!!!!
-iigeox -iigeox Jan 23
reminds me of the bee movie when the girl says to barry:
                              “are you coming?”
Cattyxoxoxo Cattyxoxoxo Oct 29, 2017
And you said you were smart when walking home. Jeez you are an idiot
Cattyxoxoxo Cattyxoxoxo Oct 29, 2017
Also shame on myself for being so fûcking nice. I should know netter