Not Always Okay (Sequel To Bad Boys Don't Fall in Love)

Not Always Okay (Sequel To Bad Boys Don't Fall in Love)

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Mom By KaylyneTheNerd Completed

Sean and Mark had a perfect relationship. They never fought, they never lied to each other, they never cheated. They were completely loyal to each other. That's how Sean thought it was going to be all their lives. 

But when college rolls around and they take the next step in their relationship Sean only grows more and more attached. Although, Mark feels further away. A new friend in introduced to Sean and he immediately grows close to her. But this is only the start, and he may have to find out the hard way that things with Mark won't always be okay.

Soundtrack: (not complete yet)
Grab The Wall - Zephyr
Toxic - Melanie Martinez (Cestladore Remix) 
I Hate You I Love You - Gnash
Mercy - Shawn Mendez
This Town - Niall Horan

In basketball I kept singing 
                              Hold up 
                              Grab the ball
                              Make it like you tryna make their ankles fall off
It took me about sixty nine years to find thi YOU have a shitload of awesome fanfics
No child says that Mark....... 
                              Or at least... 
                              I hope they don't...
Hold up grab the wall wiggle like yo trying to make yo ass fall off
Omg I said sure daddy seductively and in a British accent and I can't stop laughing
I sneezed then went num num num num num num idk y in a ficking retard