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The Dark Side Of Me (Danti Fan Fiction)

The Dark Side Of Me (Danti Fan Fiction)

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SopranoFox By SopranoFox Updated Jun 30, 2016

"We're demons, we can't feel love"
"But when I'm with you"
"I feel"
Anti and Dark have known each other for years because of Mark and Jack. Both of the demons waiting for the chance to destroy there opposites so that they can take over...and leave the other. They hated each other inside and out and when they would take over Mark and Jack they would be able to never see each other again for they would be in control, but as they wait they realize that the two counterparts have developed feelings for one another making them stronger than before. They have to tear them apart for there plan to work...but while they work on their plan do they to follow in there counterparts footsteps? But they thought that demons couldn't love...until now.
(When reading this book you might want to read my other book so that things will make sense. You will understand later why you might want to do this.)

omlynn omlynn Apr 08
Chapter: What was that feeling?
                              Me: CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!
I can totally tell that Dark and Anty are going tohit it off
silverscar2002 silverscar2002 Sep 08, 2016
That feeling was...*shudders* dare I say it... love...*gags* way a disgusting feeling...
BalynFaybe BalynFaybe Dec 29, 2016
Me: BOI *grabs anti's shoulders*
                              IT'S LOVE MY BOY, LOVVVVVVVE
                              *goes on YouTube and play's can you feel the love tonight and runs around him*
AngelOnTheSun AngelOnTheSun Aug 14, 2016
It's night time for me right now.
                              CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT?!!!!