The Love We Always Had

The Love We Always Had

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ToniBraxtonLover By ToniBraxtonLover Updated Jul 28

Toni POV 
I Was Laying In Bed Thinking About What I Was Gonna Do With My Life, I Mean I Was Alive & I Had Happy Moments But I Felt So Down 
I Wanna Quit Everything Including Music , I'm Just Not In Love With It Anymore  Towanda She's One Of My Close Sister So I Call Her Over

Toni : Hey Umba 

Towanda : Hey Toni Why Are You Giving Up On Music 

Toni : Yeah I Was Thinking About It I'm Not Happy With Life Towanda I'm Really Not I Feel So Alone 

Towanda : Toni Your Not Alone

Toni : But I Feel So Alone 

Towanda : But Why Quit What You Love 

Toni : Because I'm Not So Sure If I Love It Anymore 

Towanda : But You Sound So Good When You Sing

Toni : But I Don't Feel So Good When I Sing Towanda

Towanda : Did You Talk To Face About This 

Toni : Nope & I'm Not Going To 

Towanda : You Should To Him 

Toni : I'll Just Say Hey 

Towanda : NO There's More To Say Than Just Hey So Are You Going To Talk To Him ? 

Toni : Yes Maybe He Can Help Me Fall Out Of Love With It 

Towanda : NO Help You ...

    TayTay_BraxtonHer TayTay_BraxtonHer Sep 09, 2016
    I can't wait for her to say that in real life😁😁😁 #UberHappy💯
    _shadowlife_ _shadowlife_ Jun 02, 2016
    It's cute......this is ganna an awsome adventure. I look forward to seeing more 😪👀😏
    Thereal_BadNya Thereal_BadNya Jun 07, 2016
    I had to take short breaths reading all them damn names.... Woooh
    Right what about me but thank God she didn't give up music her music got me through some time