Warrior Cat Cover Maker  //closed//

Warrior Cat Cover Maker //closed//

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The Calico By PoppyTea Updated Feb 12

I have a slight addiction to making covers for warrior cat fanfics, so I'm open to making covers for you guys!

#94 in fanfiction for some reason? Lol

Hawkhowl Hawkhowl Sep 02
@PoppyTea hey, um, if you don't mind, can you tell me what you use to make these covers?
Hasley- Hasley- Apr 09
Title- Scared And Alone
                              Username- Itzzsammie
                              Main character- White Kitten 
                              Certain Look-  Either Like Cloudpaw or Whitestorm 
                              Territory- Forest (Its winter) 
                              Other: Can you try and make a white kit in some type of forest scared and afraid while its snowing?
Title: Warrior Cats Short Stories 
                              Username: ThatRandomAuthor
                              Main cat: I honestly don't care what cat it is as long as you think it looks cool. 
                              Territory: Maybe a forest? Or grassy area? It doesn't matter! :)
XxTawnystarxX XxTawnystarxX Aug 10, 2016
Title: Ivypool X Hawkfrost
                              Username: XxTawnystarxX
                              Characters: Hawkfrost and Ivypool.
MagnificentA2 MagnificentA2 Jul 24, 2016
Title: Invisible
                              Username: MagnificentA2
                              Main Character Looks: a completely black, short-furred she-cat with dark amber eyes
                              Character From Canon Series: I don't think so
                              Territory: Thunderclan (Lake Territory)
                              Other: thanks so much! I love your covers and I'm really excited to see what you make!
-enchantist -enchantist Jul 18, 2016
Dapplefur's Destiny
                              Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes 
                              I don't think so
                              Meadow with some trees surrounding it (StoneClan)