Loving the Ro'Meave Girl///Book 1

Loving the Ro'Meave Girl///Book 1

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Laurance(MyStreet) X Reader

I had never thought I'd love anyone, not until he came back to me. I didn't think I still had a thing for him after high school, but I guess I couldn't let him go... troubles come to me. Easily. I just wish I was normal, but after Christmas I guess that wasn't possible. Curses lingered inside of me from my childhood, and they still seek to destroy me, and everything inside me. Especially Lilac.


Okay this is my first X Reader so please don't judge. This is going to be a girls only thing so yeah. BOYS STAY AWAY! My friend has been writing a Garroth X Reader so I thought I would take a wack at it... so I hope you enjoy... BTW don't be afraid to tell me I had grammar or somethings incorrect.

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'Time to get the root beer out' my favorite line this chapter!
I'm re-reading this (again) and my mind only responds this story with the cover with drawings (so old), so I get confused all the time.
Can I just say that autocorrected to Zurich zucchini idk why
Finally I don't have to change the ending to fit my real name
What if she works at Freddy's pizza?
                              She might be saying that because she does want them to know she might die!
like seven seasons later and we still don’t know wtf her job was