Haikyuu!! AU's

Haikyuu!! AU's

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L. B. Bacon By Purple_Potion Updated 7 days ago

~~Haikyuu!! X Reader One-shots and Short Stories~~

Mainly made up of Soulmate AU's.

Requests are open on first page!

It's were the reader as in yourself can insert themselves into the story.
                              So instead of:
                              Lucy ate cake.
                              It would be:
                              (Y/N{your name}) ate cake.
Mabel428 Mabel428 Jul 08
AU: When your soulmate has half of one tattoo as you have the other half
                              Character: Bokuto Kotaro Fukurodani (is that right sorry) 
                              Reader: Female! Reader
                              Mentioned: yes pls 
                              Please and thank you C:
Could you do a Sugawawa au? I don't care what it is. Just make it fluff! Preferably not another soulmate one(not that I don't love those too)