Haikyuu!! AU's (x Reader)

Haikyuu!! AU's (x Reader)

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~~Haikyuu!! X Reader One-shots and Short Stories~~

Mainly made up of Soulmate AU's.

Requests are open on first page!

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Is the request still open?
                              Au : vampire, kuroo is the vampire
                              Chara : kuroo tetsurou, nekoma
                              Reader : female! Human! Reader 
                              Mentioned : yesss 
                              Thanksss 💕💕💕
its_reesy its_reesy May 14
Is it ok if I request? It's my first request BTW. 
                              AU: red string fate (make it angst.)
                              Character: Tsukishima
                              Reader: female
                              Mention: yes please. 
                              Thanks in advance! I love your works..
Risaca_nyaa Risaca_nyaa Sep 13
May i request?
                              Au: hanahaki-soulmate crossover au
                              Character : Akaashi keiji
                              Reader : Female
                              Type: angst 
                              Thank you 😄
mokaallie mokaallie Mar 23
Can I still make a request? :3
                              AU : Kingdom AU, but the reader is an ice witch :3
                              Character : Akaashi Keiji, Fukurodani
                              Reader : Female! Reader 
                              Mentioned : Yes please, and thank you =w=
Can I make a request? 
                              AU: vampire
                              Character: Hinata
                              Reader: Female, girlfriend
                              Mention: yes please 
                              Thanks in advance!! Love your works!
May I request? 
                              Au: crossover with Servamp
                              Character: Hinata Shouyou, servamp (aka vampire) 
                              Reader: eve, in a relationship 
                              Type: anything except for angst
                              Plot: pls make Hinata a bit possessive here (if u cant its ok) 
                              THANKS I LOVE YOUR WORKS