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Graceclem By Graceclem9 Updated Jan 15

This is my first fanfic! It's between Zane and Travis from Minecraft Mystreet, a series by Aphmau. The cover art was drawn by Dj-draws. None of the art in this book belong to me.

ticcimask_otp ticcimask_otp Jun 27, 2016
I saw the picture and the first thing I did was laugh my butt off! 😝😂😂😄
TheLifeoftheMagicae TheLifeoftheMagicae Oct 05, 2016
omi, anyone remember the episode where they all took their shirts off at Aaron's house? XD
LAURENCE! BAD BOY! *Hits with newspaper* YOU BE NICE TO ZANE!
Freak-Tsundere-4life Freak-Tsundere-4life Sep 02, 2016
Another way to do it would be....
                              Aph: Zane truth or dare~?
                              Zane: ...Truth
                              Aph: Zane are u gay? *wiggle eyebrows*
skully_nightmare skully_nightmare Nov 02, 2016
IM NOT OK!!!! Sorry I need to let out my inner emo once in a while since my mom hates me being emo
craftyrooker2000 craftyrooker2000 Sep 24, 2016
Hold up
                              Either Zane or Travis will be dared to kiss each other probably the same with garroth and Laurence (depends if you ship it) cause it's the same in every story.
                              P.s first time reading this :3