Aries x Pisces x Scorpio 'Through hell and back'

Aries x Pisces x Scorpio 'Through hell and back'

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WinterWilde By Soul135 Updated Feb 01

Hell is separated into four kingdoms after it's last ruler died and his four quadruplet children could not decide who would be next. These kingdoms were Nero, Fotia, Aeras and Vromia. These four leaders were at war against the kingdom of Planets, which was located in the depths of Tartarus, right next to Hell - where all the sinners went. Jupiter, leader of Tartarus, had much power but could never seem to have enough of it. So she was attempting to gain control of their land too.

The leaders; Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, have made peace since the separation, but what happens when a certain Ethereal, Pisces, gets into the mix - sending two of it's kingdoms into a silent war and the other two forced to pick sides?

{You will learn what an Ethereal is if you read the story.}

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Lilith-TheSinner Lilith-TheSinner Jul 16, 2017
Scorpio is ruthless? 
                              Does it mean he is more sadist than Aries?  OMG me Pisces gonna died definitely.  😅😅 I will keep reading this story. I Wanna know what happens next
Lilith-TheSinner Lilith-TheSinner Jul 16, 2017
Aries is sadist? 😅😢😢hopefully Pisces not falls for him. Indeed I m Pisces I'm scared of him right now.
hihiheyyy hihiheyyy Jun 13, 2016
This is awesome! I really like it so far. It's very well written too.
HeartofTheDreamer HeartofTheDreamer Jul 18, 2016
You don't know how much I waited for something like this. Waaaaaah~author-chan thank you much:D
Island_wonder Island_wonder Jun 01, 2016
Honestly these are both of my favorite ships with pisces and that has me excited already. You write well (there are a few grammar mistakes but in general it's good)and I'm pretty much puppy level excited for the next chapters. Love it so far. -Pisces.
sevenoutoften2 sevenoutoften2 Jun 01, 2016
Omw. You are so talented I can't wait until the next chapter. I'm a Pisces btw. Ugh. I'm like really excited honestly. 😊