Shredders Daughter

Shredders Daughter

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(Y/n) Oruku is Shredders actual daughter.  With Karai as her half sister. Her mother, Tang Shen, died in a fire when she was a little baby. Karai being younger than her hates (y/n). Shredder loves her and showers her with fatherly love, Karai gets hardly anything. 

But one night Karai took it too far...

What happens when (y/n) meets the turtles and falls for a certain blue masked turtle? What will Karai do? And most importantly what will Shredder say to the relationship?

This is a Leo x Reader

Now I don't know who is the bad guy and who is the good guy 😅 I'm so confused.
I never thought Shredder cared for anyone like that. (And don't say Kauri bc  he only loved her for revenge.)