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wattpad trailers

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{requests closed}

read on to find out on how to get yourself a wattpad trailer. :)

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-romances -romances Sep 19
Writing a short story to be coming at Christmas. It's more teen fiction, but I like to think basing it off a writing challenge makes it short story. Would you take it?
i'm sorry, but i can't DM you right now. is it okay if i comment it?
hsophie548 hsophie548 Sep 26
-hello, lovely! I know that it is stated very clearly up above that you only do a certain kind of FanFiction, but I was just wondering does that mean that you refuse to do any kind of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, etc?
I'm wondering.. Do you make a trailer for dragons as main characters? :/ I don't think so cuz.. They are dragons not humans
Would a it be alright if I requested a trailer for a Barry Allen fan-fic, from the show on the CW?
Experiment 88 description:
                              8 people wake up in a facility room, remembering their name, nothing else. They realize that they have to escape from the facility safely has their is flesh eating monsters romimg around. They soon that they are test subjects.