⭐Star-Crossed Lovers⭐||A Laurmau Fanfiction

⭐Star-Crossed Lovers⭐||A Laurmau Fanfiction

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The Laurmau Army By The_Laurmau_Army Updated Nov 11, 2016

I do not own the fanart in the cover 

⭐Star-Crossed Lovers⭐

"You make me happy in a way no one else can..."

Aphmau Rae Phoenix is a nerd at Phoenix Drop High School. She has very geeky looking black glasses and beautiful hazel eyes. She has long silky black hair. She gets strait A's in all of her classes and is very smart. But behind her geeky nerdy self, is a friendly, kind-hearted, sweetheart. 

Laurance Zvahl is one of the most popular students at Phoenix Drop High School. Almost all the ladies swoon over his handsome looks. He is a huge flirt and is considered a "bad boy". But that is only his life at school. But at home is a completely different story. 

So! Yeah! I suck at writing book descriptions XD I hope you guys like this fanfic! I'm gonna make it really sad and romantic btw. The fanart on the cover is by ArtsLilly on Instagram! I hope u all like this fanfic!


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piximist941 piximist941 Apr 16
I was listening to the song perfect for this book. 
                              Me: I DIDN'T KNOW THAT I WAS STARVING TILL I TASTED YOU
                              Mom: Mia is dangling again. 
                              Dad: where did we go wrong?!
                              Me: I WAS SO MUCH YOUNGER YESTERDAY
Aldery263 Aldery263 May 14
But wouldn't the school know? I mean when one of my friends passed away, they sent a letter home with every kid at our school and to our old school where his sister went.
And the music stops at the end of this sentence, of course with a couple of stops pauses.
i've seen better (mentality (laurmau)) but thos is above average
StarGaming1 StarGaming1 Aug 20, 2016
Can't wait to start reading!! It sounds awesome!! LAURMAU//AARMAU//ZANEMAU FOREVERR