Friend Of The Dead

Friend Of The Dead

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shawin02 By shawin02 Updated Apr 09

"They witnessed her destruction,
  They were left to wonder why, 
  She saw nothing but darkness,
  Though the stars shone in her eyes, 
  But maybe they'd forgotten, 
  When they failed to see the cracks,
  That a stars's light shines the brightest, 
  When it's starting to collapse."

  Sophie Swan is unusual. She is weird, strange and unpredictable. No one knows why she always wears a pair of gloves. No one can tell why she spends most of her time at the cemetery. And no one is sure what happened when she was a child and she was found in the middle of the road holding the dead body of a little girl. No one knows the mysterious people she sketches in her sketchbook that she lets no one see. No one ever knew why she suddenly talks to thin air as if somebody is actually listening.
  She is quiet, quick, strange and confuses mostly everyone by her uncanny actions. No one truly knows her, not even her family. She is a mystery only those truly intelligent can come close to crack.
  Moving to Forks Washington, there may be just the right person to gain Sophie's interest. And there may be just the right person to solve the dark mystery that is Sophie Swan.

A Twilight Fanfic ✅
In Progress ✅

  {A twilight fanfic.}


The Twilight Saga does not belong to me! My original characters belong to me like Sophie. Other Characters that you do not recognise belongs to me, characters you do recognise belongs to Stephenie Meyer. All of Twilight Saga belongs to Stephenie Meyer.


Excessive amount of blood, gore, and death with explicit detail.

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E aqui estou, não consegui conter a curiosidade... Tch, essa ainda vai me matar.  Sqn
                              Poema incrível... Profundo.
That was..... WOW you go Stephanie Meyer...... thanks for sharing it with us all
NicoleBeaudry NicoleBeaudry Aug 25, 2017
I'm going to reread it! It's decided. I enjoy this story to much to wait. Just to let you know this is the only story that I obsessively check for updates, the others I just wait until they pop up in my feed... so here I go back to the beginning, can't wait to re-meet Dorian.
BookOfOne BookOfOne Apr 08
Will you be updating? I hope so. Every time I find a good book, they never update and leave the story.
NicoleValida NicoleValida Jun 22, 2017
Damn my daddy JB is fvcking there and with my fvcking fav. Song
TatianaBalan TatianaBalan Sep 27, 2016
YASS I love this story already.. can't wait to start reading it!!👏🏼😏