Into You (#Wattys 2016)

Into You (#Wattys 2016)

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Wesley Ridges and Naomi Lowell have been locker mates since sophomore year. Every day was a constant bickering battle. 

To everyone else, they seem to hate each other, but they have an unspoken pact to each other. In reality, Naomi was Wesley's first friend when he moved to Belmont. They had a bond and an odd one at that. 

Their senior year, their true feelings start showing and it's inevitable what comes next for them. But it's not going to be that easy with jealous friends, ex-lovers, and other problems along the way.

Some couples make it or break it. With Naomi and Wesley, you'll just have to wait and see.

G30RGI4_ G30RGI4_ Jun 04
Cool chapter. I liked the scene when they were in the car together playing the game I feel that was a good idea. Obviously he likes her :) I didn't really see anything bad with this chapter it was an enjoyable read! Again I still think you should be more descriptive but I still enjoyed reading :)
I seriously just thought of one of the guys in my classes when she was describing his eyes
Why is it that your typical dreamboat is never black or asian or any other race? No offense but it's just frustrating always reading how white people are thought of to the example of perfection.
it really depends on the schools, mine didn't either but i just imagined theirs to have them. it helps me picture it more of like a movie or show
___kk___ ___kk___ Oct 04
Wait do high schools even use lockers anymore bc my schools classes are all really far apart so no one has time to use a locker we just carry around everything like we have thousands of lockers but you have to request to get one bc they know we dont use them