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Boating and Boobs (JasperxLapis Story)

Boating and Boobs (JasperxLapis Story)

4K Reads 202 Votes 14 Part Story
An Independent Youth By NotReallyLapis Updated 2 days ago

Jasper just moved into a beach house, unfortunately being neighbors with six rowdy neighbors who'd always come over. Well, Jasper only thought two of the six weren't entirely annoying, a boy Steven, and a very attractive Lapis Lazuli. And boy, Jasper never felt this way for anyone.

Art: Kurofeng

llSaradonyxll llSaradonyxll Oct 01, 2016
Im sorry i feackin burst into laughter after reading this xD
Poppycorni1899 Poppycorni1899 Jul 13, 2016
Love it too bits and pieces well I mean I love all the stories on here they have good detail writers and plot characters ;)