-punny guy | taekook

-punny guy | taekook

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v: what do u call fruit the size of ur hands

kookie: go away 

v: a PALMagranate

kookie: blocked 

or in which an unknown number keeps texting jungkook puns cause 'he' wants to make the boys day better.

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byuntans byuntans Sep 22
i would but i have high school to attend and i don’t want to gouge my eyeballs out in the morning
Yoongi38 Yoongi38 Nov 27
Uh no. I always accidentally sleep while texting a friend lmao.
_MINA03 _MINA03 Nov 15
i'm an insomniac, and i never ask anybody this😂 and why did i laugh._.
if a random number ever asked me this I would just say 
                              “none yo beeswax hun 🐝”