Enemies With Benefits

Enemies With Benefits

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Megan Patty By MeganPatty Updated Jan 07, 2016

Savanna Meade, an 18 year old almost high school graduate has “The perfect life” She's picture perfect beautiful with short blonde hair and magnetic green eyes. She's rich, she's popular, practically the coolest, also head cheerleader. There's just one problem. 

Enter Hayden Smith, just as equal in popularity as Savanna. He's the school's quarterback, now slow down I know what you're thinking: Hayden and Savanna are the it couple, the couple everyone else is jealous of, well you couldn't be more wrong.
Savanna and Hayden have hated each other since 3rd grade, everything between them has been a competition of some sort. Their houses, their cars, their grades, even their popularity. The entire school knows about the feud between Savanna and Hayden, and sides have been picked since 3rd grade.

  One night things get out of control at a party, and when they secretly start hooking up, what will happen? Will people find out? And if people find out, will it completely rock the school and change everyone's opinions on everything they've questioned for so long?

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Wattpad logo never looked so fine, Slay the Wattpad logo honey slaaaay😬😂
I’ve never been in detention lmfao and I’ve cussed out a couple of teachers but then again if they told them why I cussed them out they’d be fired 😂
sweetsarahndipity sweetsarahndipity Mar 04, 2017
That's such a lame comeback lol c'mon Hayden you can do better than that
katie_151 katie_151 Jul 12, 2016
Wait so he's two years old and he knows how to say complete sentences?...😐🤓
MadelynWinchester1 MadelynWinchester1 Jul 06, 2016
Haha my friend April has a sister named Summer and Raine and Autumn.
the_nth_doctor the_nth_doctor Jul 13, 2016
I don't know how to act my age, I've never been this old before...