The Love Of My Life ✔ [Getting Proofread]

The Love Of My Life ✔ [Getting Proofread]

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[COMPLETED on 9 October, 2016]
"Is Sheetal here with some motive? Why is Arnav ignoring me? Is it bcoz of the DNA reports? But I did ask forgiveness. Why doesn't he understand I too am a human being. I too am possessive... I too feel insecure... I also feel hurt when he ignores me. Y doesn't he understand this much?" Khushi spoke to herself as she was terribly hurt by his indifference & ignorance.

Suddenly Khushi's expressions changed as her eyes were filled with horror. 

"Is he bored of me? Is he feeling ashamed of introducing me as his wife? Is he regretting marrying me? Is his indifference towards me indicating he's happy without me? Is he happy only with his family & Aarav? Is he feeling suffocated in staying with me in the same room? No... No... I can't see him like this. I can't take his indifference any more. If he's happy without me then I would leave him... Yes.. I would leave him and go." Khushi spoke to herself as unknown to her, her tears rolled down her eyes.

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smja111 smja111 Jul 12, 2017
Shyam n her r brother n sister. Khushi baby has to suffer more now but khushi n nk team is good to get the dense arnav to become SENSIBLE
fayzzee fayzzee Mar 23, 2017
                              This is a 80. I love your story line and how the characters interact with each other. She really doesn't want to lose Khusi and I can feel the emotion. Good chapter!
summuu summuu Apr 03, 2017
1 thing i must say is that these characters are from a movie.
laksh65 laksh65 Apr 10, 2017
asr is so double standard, he got angry that she did a DNA test what about him who punished her with no fault of hers, when he assumed that she is having an affair with shyam such a double standard arrogant singh raizada
SnowSpringBud SnowSpringBud Jun 03, 2016
Agar tumne mujhe nehi pehchana.. toh mein tume mardaalungi. You know I'm a vampire right? Go and chevk your message board once in your profile.. :/ :/
peech31 peech31 Jun 02, 2016
                              It was good but why dying concept ???
                              Can find other ways right ??
                              Update waiting