Just For Sex (Sterek/boyXboy)

Just For Sex (Sterek/boyXboy)

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Sam ((: By KbTheWeirdo Updated Oct 05, 2013

(may 29, 2015: this story is currently being fixed because it has suckish 12 year old grammar errors.)

(January 15, 2017: once again updating. I'm lazy asf)


Stiles was a bit strange to others in his school. Always being teased and having to be protected by his best friend, Scott.

So what happens when Stiles takes a stroll in the woods and is almost attacked by wolves?

Derek is there to save him. Stiles discovers what he really is. That's where Derek discovers that Stiles is his mate.

But he won't accept it. So Stiles and him become 'people with benefits' but things just go downhill from there.

Wars between packs due to their agreement start.

And to think it was just for sex.


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hey_its_lazy_calling hey_its_lazy_calling Feb 09, 2016
did you mean to make faces? 
                              cause they are cute...
                              °-° -- the child...
                              I'm weird, sorry...
GraTsu_for_life GraTsu_for_life Apr 13, 2016
When I came out my grandma was like ugh what ever and my dad was like its just a phase.
                              In my mind I was like bitch stfu
SeasonalTaekook SeasonalTaekook Oct 07, 2015
"I'm still Troye, I just happen to like boys...
                              What? Have you seen their butts?
B-Rod8 B-Rod8 Jun 27, 2015
He's beautiful thoughts are worth more then a fûcking penny Scott!
wdringer wdringer May 19, 2015
I wish more people we're like that on this world I'm straight but I honestly think everyone is equal know matter what color skin they are or if they like the same sex they are still the same as me!
chellyichigo chellyichigo Oct 25, 2014
I did the same for my friend expect I said "okay now move I want food."