I'm dead, but not really

I'm dead, but not really

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Fluffeinstein By Fluffeinstein Updated Nov 04, 2016

'The only thing standing in between them is reality.'


"You're going to die, Aqua." 

His deep voice, gave her a chilling softness that made her shiver. Soothing, yet the words utterly terrifying. 

"That's not my name." She replied, telling herself not to believe a word he says. Stupid, magical and weird guy who looks out of the world. ..Oh, the irony. 

"Really? I just say you're going to die and that's all you say about it? Classic, Aqua. Classic." He staccatoed with underlying sarcasm. 

She breathed deeply, and saw the absurd situation she was in. All alone in a dark road, and a man in her head telling she's gonna die. What in the world happened to her? 

"Am I, " She started shakily. "Am I really gonna die?" She questioned to the voice inside her head. 

"Well, not really." 


For as long as she can remember, Alice Waters had worn glasses. Well, at least after she had woken up from her coma. Her aunt made sure that she always, always wears glasses. One day, when she accidentally broke her glass, and her fifteen spare ones, she thought of going to her college without wearing one. What could possibly go wrong? 

Oh, how wrong she was. 

She saw things. She saw numbers over everyone's heads. She realised that in fact, the numbers were people's lifetimes. She could see at which age people die. 

And also, her new hot teacher can fly. Literally. 


This gorgeous cover was made by  @Deadrot, Thank you girl :)

Amunition Amunition Jan 16
I like how Alice thinks. I wish some people could see it that way too.
judylove48 judylove48 Jul 19, 2016
😂😂😂💀im done author ur amazing at thus book and u made me love it on the first chapter
Annaya_Lechar Annaya_Lechar Jun 17, 2016
Kinda wish this was in first person.. But its still really intresting so consider yourself lucky author you made it on my best books playlist thing..... 📚
Annaya_Lechar Annaya_Lechar Jun 17, 2016
Yah you dont have to acknowledge my wierd comments just keep scrollin
judylove48 judylove48 Jul 19, 2016
Lmfao why did I think of harry potter right when she said that
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