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Blossoms (The Girls meet MCD)

Blossoms (The Girls meet MCD)

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SpaceQueen™ By FandomQueenMC Completed

When Cupquake, (ihascupquake) Lizzie, (LDShadowLady)  and Stacy (stacyplays) suddenly are pulled from their existing Minecraft worlds into Aphmau's world of Minecraft Diaries, it is a new adventure for the three young players. Each now have gained an existing power they never knew they had.
  Cupquake can transform into her Enchanted Oasis form, giving her the ability to control nature and heal others.
  Stacy can grow angelic light blue wings and and can also able to read to see glimpses of the future.
  Lizzie can merge into shadows such as her alias, and create herself dark tools to her aid.
  Aphmau is unsure of the three new strangers and neither are the rest of Phoenix Drop. When strange things begin occurring, and all seemed to be tied to the new trio, Aphmau finds herself in a sticky situation with a new enemy rising...
  I do not own any of Aphmau's characters, nor do I own anyone. No OC's this time except for the evil guy....well...he's not really an OC... :3. If your not into this kinda fanfic, don't bother. I tend to try crossovers I have never seen before on Wattpad or on the Internet at all.
  I edited a thumbnail as my cover and made the rest. :3 Do you like my cover?

evan11405 evan11405 Jun 05
ooooh no. i read that out loud in class FUUUUUCCCKKK!! The whole class is looking at me because i just yelled out 'Ha! Cannibalism!' in the middle of science class. gotta put my phone away... i should probably do that now
I'm reading this in Lizzies voice, for some reason I always do that and it makes me more "fasinated"
he did that to protect Aph even if I ship Garmau to death I can see the reason
Not possible
                              The worlds of Minecraftia are huge
                              NOT POSSIBLE!
Lily_Galaxy Lily_Galaxy Apr 22
I Think Aphmau is her own woman and she can chose who she wants..... but since this is a fanfic that okay
DANG IT GRAVITY!!! What? No not you Gravity Falls! I was talking to GRAVITY!!