Scared of Happy (Lauren/You)

Scared of Happy (Lauren/You)

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When we pulled away she spoke the words I expected her to say, but dreaded anyway; "We can't." 

"But I want to." I placed another chaste kiss on her lips. "I need to."

Short story of how you fall in love with your new stepsister, Lauren.

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My eyes are the darkest color of black you could ever see so because of that um the light makes them look like their grey so I guess their pretty
Kres14 Kres14 Nov 12
Why are we all acting so shocked like come on Y/N! We can't be that oblivious, we been knew
I wish there's cameras everywhere so they're parents can just see everything happening 😂😂
It's been like 10 years and I still call my step dad by his first name. I love him but it doesn't feel right calling him dad.
Kres14 Kres14 Nov 12
Bro we lucky she's not our biological sister if that was the case, we'd have another game of thrones plot... without the dragons and deaths
For some reason, irl I hate being called princess, but since lauren is calling me it, I'll let it slide.