Forever and Always (Lauren/You)

Forever and Always (Lauren/You)

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"We've been over this and it always leads to an argument so stop."I said begging my girlfriend to stay off the topic of injuries.

"But what happens when you get hurt? Who's gonna take care of you?"she asked "Well I was hoping my girlfriend but she's barely here anyway."I said

"Don't turn this on me I really do care about you."She said I sighed and looked at Lauren my green eyed beauty. Lauren Jauregui my girlfriend of three years and counting. 

Best friends to lovers that was the best thing ever. She's apart of Fifth Harmony and I've seen all of them grow up into the beautiful girls they are today. 

I play for the Golden State Warriors. I'm not home a lot but when I am I try to see Lauren as much as possible. I'm currently the youngest NBA player. 

I'm 19 graduated high school last year. Lauren is trying to talk me out of playing because I can get "seriously injured". But that always leads to an argument and I miss what we use to be.

No arguments, no fighting just love. "Lauren p...

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grandexnotxventi grandexnotxventi Oct 28, 2017
HELL YEAH but i also love the bulls, the cavs, the thunder, the lakers, and the heat but my top 3 are warriors, cavs, and bulls
grandexnotxventi grandexnotxventi Oct 28, 2017
heat deserves more appreciation tbh like how they did when lebron was there on contract
iJustReadXD-- iJustReadXD-- Sep 07, 2017
You're over my head I'm out of my mind thinking I was born in the wrong time one of a kind living in a world gone plastic baby you're so classic
Commander_Camren Commander_Camren Mar 16, 2017
Lmfao Dinah 😂😂 honestly I'd do the same. Famous by association is the best kinda famous 😂