Exile of the Clave

Exile of the Clave

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Sebastian Morgenstern By SebastardMorgenstern Completed

Exile of the Clave picks up immediately following the events of Prince of the Courts and follows Sera as she desperately searches for answers across the globe.  Rayce struggles with the burden on his shoulders and the weight of his new memories as his Morgenstern legacy threatens to consume him in a spiral of madness.  Alec, Jace and Magnus must find a way to hold together a shattered Clave as they run from their enemies while Clary works to unravel the oldest secrets of the Shadowhunters before it's too late...

Amazing cover and chapter art created by @shadowhunters-inspire-me on Tumblr, or @sebastard.morgenstern on Instagram  -- Follow her for more amazing Shadowhunter edits!

(Update - May 23/17: Please note that Prince of the Courts, Exile of the Clave, and Blood of the Hunt were written after the release of Lady Midnight, but before Lord of Shadows.)

  • alec
  • alicante
  • clary
  • faerie
  • gwyn
  • jace
  • kieran
  • magnus
  • morgenstern
  • rayce
  • seelie
  • sera
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Faelain Faelain Jun 17, 2017
Well, Kieran certainly has a type 😂
                              If Sera somehow dreams about this, she's gonna be pissed af
Faelain Faelain Jun 17, 2017
Hmm. This kinda looks like sexual harassment (or whatever the proper English word is) and it's making me uncomfortable 😅
giawriter giawriter Mar 25, 2017
This is so sad???  I feel so bad for Gwyn I want to give him a hug 😭 But I love the backstory you wrote for him; it's really fitting with other aspects of him and I can totally see it happening.
Mulelacynthia Mulelacynthia Aug 25, 2017
I do feel for him. I feel like saving him too bad I can't 😔
- - Jun 20, 2017
Hold fast, stomach, you're going to have to survive on coffee for a few hours.
giawriter giawriter Mar 25, 2017
...Interesting.  I wonder if it's the Unseelie King or if it's someone we've never seen.