|Inazuma Eleven| Everything Lovable |Inazuma Eleven One Shots|(HIATUS)

|Inazuma Eleven| Everything Lovable |Inazuma Eleven One Shots|(HIATUS)

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Rinko Hogan By _-GalaxyEmpress-_ Updated 6 days ago

"let us begin the craziness and madness of this book!"

Are you a defined weird person? Then this book is perfect for you!

*Some one shots are references, some are not

*Some are based off on other Anime's Author-chan has watched

*All are crappy and cringe-worthy stories

*I hold only few excuses for not updating

I don't own anything but myself, my crappy lines and cringe-worthy jokes

Yuhainesu-san helped me make the cover so she deserves some credit as well

All characters, pictures, videos and etc belong to their rightful owners.

All other languages that you think you know about, just please....

It's my own version of the language, I had a few help from my friends and some help from Google, so now you all know that weird alien language I put in my stories. 

I placed it there since it was just random, like this book, it's also random.

So there you have it! Now you all know, so if you start complaining I'll ignore it.

And I'm sorry if it offends other people with the alien language I put.


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aabmaTetsuya aabmaTetsuya Apr 12, 2017
Why does rin look like a girl in the photo and ran look like a boy when they're the opposite?