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The girl she called pathetic

The girl she called pathetic

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❄ 杨安安 ❄ By kashi01 Completed

Kasey Conell has always had a thing for Cara Mayers, she liked her even if she was the school's most famous bad girl. Most people looked at Cara as one of the most arrogant girl in the campus, a famewhore, who only cared about being famous. Despite all the gossips and rumors , Kasey still thought different of her, she always believed that there was a reason for Cara to act that way and that others should just stop hating on Cara. Kasey's admiration for Cara had faded away when she was trampled on and humiliated by Cara. That was the day her admiration turned to hatred.

6 years later, fate brings the both of them together again.

Wait. Tabrett Bethell played Cara Mason in Legend of Seeker right??.
A good question indeed!! These people won't understand until they take the labels and shove it up their ass!! I don't say that all labels are bad some are useful too!! It was first created as informative tools!! But being humans some usually misuse it!!
Omg I feel like you are such a creep Kasey. But can't blame you either tho
I don't know girl *wink* Lol Loving the begining already! ;P
sekewj77 sekewj77 Feb 05
eenie meanie minor,nasty n vicious😠 bah u know not to talk those kinda girls
i see what you did there with the names 👀 i immediately pictured kahlan and cara before even reading the cast list omfg