The Brighter Side || Septiplier [Under Editing]

The Brighter Side || Septiplier [Under Editing]

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Fire〠 By SeptiplierIsFire Completed

Sean McLoughlin decided to go to America to move in with his best friend-and major crush-Mark Fischbach. 

Just a few days in to living with him, and Jack realised that it was probably a bad idea, now having stronger desires to be next to the guy of his dreams. 

Throughout the whole time living with him, he experiences many arguments, nearly admitting his desires, and awful relationships. 

But luckily, in the end of everything, there's always a brighter side.

[Artwork is not mine.]

NamelessJa NamelessJa Aug 06, 2016
'Cause somebody stole my car radio
                              And now I just sit in silence
Nah they wouldn't be this calm and sweet, they'd be screamin at eachother.
elovelyanm elovelyanm Nov 29, 2016
Levi... come out of your hiding place! I KNOW YOU'VE BEEN HERE!!!!
Pugkin Pugkin Sep 08, 2016
"You did just wake up"
                              WAKE ME UP INSIIIDE
                              CAN'T WAKE UP
                              WAKE ME UP INSIIIIDE
Lexodice Lexodice Aug 08, 2016
I swear to dick if Jack commits suicide AGAIN, I will be....
                              Very depressed again.
ImJustHere21 ImJustHere21 Sep 04, 2016
"It sucked for me because I couldn't suc-" OKAY SORRY NOT SORRY