The Brighter Side || Septiplier

The Brighter Side || Septiplier

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[This was my first book, the plot is trash and makes no sense compared to my other books. Just a heads up:)]

Sean McLoughlin decided to go to America to move in with his best friend-and major crush-Mark Fischbach. 

Just a few days in to living with him, and Jack realised that it was probably a bad idea, now having stronger desires to be next to the guy of his dreams. 

Throughout the whole time living with him, he experiences many arguments, nearly admitting his desires, and awful relationships. 

But luckily, in the end of everything, there's always a brighter side.

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Mcnobodyismyname Mcnobodyismyname Feb 12, 2017
Theres this small restaurant i know, that instead of using regular bread on their sandwiches, they use HOMEMADE BAGELS and they serve it with a soup of you choice...its sooo gooood
Cause_Youtube Cause_Youtube Jan 09, 2017
Nah they wouldn't be this calm and sweet, they'd be screamin at eachother.
itsevanffs itsevanffs Nov 29, 2016
Levi... come out of your hiding place! I KNOW YOU'VE BEEN HERE!!!!
shippingtrashcans shippingtrashcans Jan 28, 2017
This is actually me at friends house expecially in thier rooms. Its like; "oh you made your bed? You dif the laundry? You dont have McDonalds bags on your floor? Ha...i mean what?"
GalaxFree GalaxFree Dec 24, 2016
'Good sandwiches'? How exactly can sandwiches vary from good to bad??
rpg_game rpg_game Dec 09, 2016
I...,yeah this is me....I'll go over to another friends house are somthing and I'll just stand there not doing any thing,unless they invite me to do it,and if they offer  food i alwase try and decline,idk what gives me the incapability of being human at another friends house but I am