Levi x Reader (COMPLETED)

Levi x Reader (COMPLETED)

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Mirai Kobayashi By mirai_chan11 Completed

•Levi x Reader ONESHOTS•


A cute little book of memories about Levi and (Y/N)'s relationship.. 


Here are the things you should know:

I do NOT own Attack On Titan

I do NOT own you

I do own the story and I hope you would NOT steal my ideas from this book

Author-chan usually uses mature language such as cursing etc. If you are uncomfortable, then do leave


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  June 3, 2016    January 14, 2017

lolitsyoubruh lolitsyoubruh 4 days ago
What you gone do that big fat but? wiggle wiggle wiggle ayeeee go levi dont stop get it get it ayeee
I have seen holy things. Such as cheese, slime, and Cheeze-Its... But never have I seen things such as this. It feels as if I have walked to and back from heaven. I must(dramatic pause) get da booty. 
                              'Claps slowly'
I'm too god damn stupid to do this crap. I needz the twerking Levi again
99.9% percent of my relation ships are with fictional people.  That .1% is with my cat. This perfectly describes why I have those relationships
davaai davaai Feb 14
dear diary, today I ate and got fatter while reading fanfiction all day. And this is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. 
                              Sincerely, Danielle Levi