Levi x Reader (COMPLETED)

Levi x Reader (COMPLETED)

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•Levi x Reader ONESHOTS•


A cute little book of memories about Levi and (Y/N)'s relationship.. 


Here are the things you should know:

I do NOT own Attack On Titan

I do NOT own you

I do own the story and I hope you would NOT steal my ideas from this book

Author-chan usually uses mature language such as cursing etc. If you are uncomfortable, then do leave


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  June 3, 2016    January 14, 2017

MiyukiTori MiyukiTori Jul 17
I'm in summer and i see this.....
                              I had hissed when seeing this
I had a nightmare when i was in a room stuck with problems like these. And worse, THERE WAS NO FOOD! NUUUUU
LeiLei42 LeiLei42 Aug 04
Da da da da da JEAGER!!! ....oh just me in season one of AOT Sowwy
Ooh I knows dis... But I don't feel like doing math in the summer do those problems can suck mah left nut
YviStyle YviStyle Jun 23
Hehe, I'm lucky. I hate Math, but I am also good at it. So my smartass brain says, that this is a already solved problem of varianbles...Dun dun duuuuuun.
inenna inenna Jul 05
I got moves like Jaeger, I got the moves like Jaeger, I got moooooooves like Jaeger.
                              (Sorry, not sorry. XD)