FlAvor (The Three F's, #1)

FlAvor (The Three F's, #1)

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Dyah By DyahReads Updated Jun 10

A distinct taste. A new nightclub. Attraction. Addiction. Adrienne.

When 21-year-old Adrienne Michaels broke up with her boyfriend, Darren Smith, she couldn't believe how everything they built together fell apart. 

She decided that she will take back her newly-found single life with the help of her best friends. However, Adrienne didn't realize that she would be consumed into the nightclub with the panty-dropping owner named Blaine Harrington, and the drama that lurks in and outside the club set in NYC.

Adrienne never thought love would jump at her so fast. Yet, as she fell for Blaine, she knew he'd be worth it.

But her ex-lover wants her back at all cost and at extreme measures. And her new lover will do anything to protect and cherish what's rightfully his. 

Now that they've gotten a taste of her, they'll stop at nothing to have her, completely.


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Yearning13 Yearning13 Jul 21
This is HOT. I could beat up/ cuss out whoever came knocking and it's not even me anticipating this big D
HereIsRenee HereIsRenee May 29
Ent it a boy he not even crying over u. Why are most of us girl like this. 
                              IDK how it feel to cry over a boy never done it.
daloria daloria Oct 11
But then that also fucks u up too cuz eventually u will have to learn to naturally get over one before u become dependent on others ! Learned the hard way! Although it does help to replace em lol
Smart we don't want no babies running around (yet)😏😏😏
I ask that question all the time. It's just stupid. In my definition that means a man is a complete bitch and can't see a beautiful thing when he has it.
LeeJaneLouise LeeJaneLouise 5 days ago
... if she falls in love with him by the next chapter I swear to god