What Are The Chances?

What Are The Chances?

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eedeew By eedeew Updated Jul 10, 2016

One thing that pops up in my mind everytime I think about her...


Chance that I had when she was grasping my hands. Whispering to me promises that what seemed to me like whispers in the wind that will just pass thru like a cool summer breeze.

Chance that I should've taken when its was the only plausible thing to do.

But I was scared.
Scared of losing myself. Scared of losing her.
Of losing everything we had done to save the love that we worked so much for.

But is love a thing to be worked for? Isn't it supposed to be something that you can't fight. An unstoppable force that no god in this chaotic universe we live in will be unable to stop?

But then again.. in this world.. in this lifetime.. who are we to deny ourselves of the chance at being with the one person in this world that who will truly complete your whole being.

Let me tell you a story of how my chances with Althea, the love of my life, was on the brink of extinction.


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