Time Can Only Tell

Time Can Only Tell

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dutch bro #1™ By DisneyFaller Updated Apr 16, 2017

Dipper and Mabel Pines. 12 years old and on a mission. To get their friend a time wish so he could see his dad. They almost won...until they somehow lost the last game, sending their rival to victory. The rules state that they can decide the loser's fate...and in that case Time Traveler: Blendin Blandin wished that the Pines Twins parents had never met. Holding hands together and closing their eyes, they began to disintegrate into nothing.

In the year of 1999 two families had kids on the same date. It might've just been a coincidence, but their names turned out to be the same as they were before. The boy got named after his birthmark he had stuck on his head and Mabel got named the same as she had before. The ironic thing is the parents didn't even know each other. A couple years later in elementary school, guess who met. The two kids were shocked on how similar they looked to each other. And the fact their birthdays were on the same date was even more freaky. The two began to talk and hang out and soon became the best of friends. There was no separating them now. 

One day something happens to Dipper's family, and that's when he decides he's getting out of here. By first instinct he ran to Mabel's house in the middle of the night and snuck to her window, explaining everything. She nodded and the two grabbed a bundle of things and ran off into the middle of the night...and days later they stumbled upon a crazy, old looking place titled 'The Mystery Shack'.

((Separated AU by DisneyFaller))

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HKGF618 HKGF618 Dec 09, 2017
Like it. I loved it.
                              This story is too good. Unique and out of this world amazing. :)
QistinaCipher QistinaCipher Jun 08, 2017
The discription is interesting. I wish you best of luck, my new found friend...
Fungi-Foo Fungi-Foo May 29, 2017
WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!! This is certainly better than anything I could ever muster!
EchoSoul12 EchoSoul12 Oct 24, 2017
                              THE ONION NINJAS! 
                              THEY ARE ATTACKING! NUUUUU!!!
Aquaria432 Aquaria432 Nov 17, 2017
- - Mar 26, 2017
                              YOUR-YOUR AN ACTION FIGURE
                              Are A cHILD's
                              P L A Y  T H I N G