Girl Meets Camp Half-Blood

Girl Meets Camp Half-Blood

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Maya was just a regular teenager. She had her best friends Riley and Farkle by her side, everything was normal. However, one day changed all of that. What the heck is a Saytr? A Minotaur is just something you see in a weird book! Greek gods are just myths! Lies. Upon finding all that she's been told is a lie, now she has to go on a quest to save someone she's never met. Nothing could go wrong. Right?

Percy Jackson and GMW. Most importantly: Lucaya

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Annabeth02 Annabeth02 Aug 31, 2016
                              I'm listening to sabrina carpenter while reading this
awlucaya awlucaya Aug 08, 2016
when i read black hair and sea green eyes my mind autocorrected it to husband and i screamed percy so loud my mom looked at me weirdly
Rosette1206 Rosette1206 Dec 05, 2016
I bet farcle is the son of Athena 
                              Maya the daughter of Apollo 
                              Riley daughter of Aprodite