The Unexpected: LOTR/Legolas fanfic

The Unexpected: LOTR/Legolas fanfic

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Just call me Awatin By NethEllethTeithant Updated 4 days ago

"King Thranduil's voice rung out again, filling the area, 'And Legolas? Do not fail, she could be the tipping of the balance that Middle-Earth needs.'"

Lurmornel Nólatári was always a shy girl, especially being surrounded by her fellow elves in Mirkwood. Being the only human in the kingdom can be hard at times but not as hard and unexpected as the quest that is thrust upon her. Her shyness must be swept aside and she must stand strong as the War of the Rings rages on.

And what happens when Lumornel stops an Uruk-Hai from shooting Boromir on Amon Hen and the Ring is taken from Frodo?

In these times of troubles, she finds unexpected love, but more unexpected things appear; like her being part of an ancient prophecy.

Most importantly, she finds herself in the middle of it all because of one thing: she bares a power that no one has been known to have. Because of this power, she is forced into the Fellowship of the Ring: the tenth member.

Prophecy of Hope:

Name of tree and shadow that she will be,
  hair of winter,
  eyes of green,
Daughter of Elves she will be.

 Power of none, except thee
Only in times of darkness,
where there may seem no light, 
she will be. 

Unforeseen, forbidden endearment.

Poundings she will encounter,
  Tales of new and now and then,
Less be of mind and more of another.

But in new times where she will be greatly needed, 
no need will she be.

Pass a sheet of silver glass,
  Into a green land of new

In the light of ashes
A new will rise,
In all hopelessness,
A new disguise

Warmth now permitted,
The flower of yearning blooming

More of power,
Power of no compare,
More of light,
That of blinding white,
More of beauty,
As clear and colorful as a new dawn

And there she will be

Whoot whoot now I know where Leggy got his talent from.
                              HE GOT IT FROM HIS DADDY
I'm so upset for them but mesmerised by the dragon.
                              CAN I PET HIM???
                              YOU MAY NRVER GET TO KISS HER AGAIN GOOOO
Oh for fudge sake Elerasomething are you stupid and Thranduil now's not the time to be seduced and drawn in by your wife 
                              GET MOVING PEOPLE
*wails and pulls at hair*
                              Just carry her and RUUUUUUUUUUUN
*repeats after you*
                              FOOOOL OF A TOOOK
                              I always say it in the same tone, voice and intonation as Gandalf