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TFP- By The Light Of Day

TFP- By The Light Of Day

17.8K Reads 1K Votes 21 Part Story
Nyx - The Bold And The Beautiful (Because I'm not brave XD) By JunglePunk Updated Feb 07

Hunter Faye, your seemingly average teen who has a knack for working with her hands, and a thing for expensive cars with their young drivers.

There is more to her than meets the eye, more so than anyone could imagine.

A seemingly harmless stalker, an ancient power, the wrath of the elements, a gift from the gods, a hidden race, and a powerful opposer. What could possibly go wrong?

This is going to make me sound like a total pyromaniac, but I love fire.
                              To me its beautiful. It can be warm and inviting as it dances around, but one wrong move and it can become merciless and unforgiving.
Dragonlver22 Dragonlver22 Dec 15, 2016
"Taking the form of a dominant species"
                              Hmmm, so this is a story about an insect or a microscopic creature who will be talking with robots. Sounds legit.
- - Jul 31, 2016
I love that, I can't stop rereading it. But I must go on! This first part makes it sound so interesting!  LAYTA
RainaTheRogue RainaTheRogue Nov 15, 2016
Well. That was the best prologue I've ever read...
                              Seriously, holy slag!
                              You, my good friend, have a gift.
Wow. I would never have thought to write this. Who is this strange person of legend? Time to find out.
LunaWolf1313 LunaWolf1313 Jun 15, 2016
Actually, let me try again.
                              What cooks our Mac and Cheese