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The 6th avenger ( Avengers fanfic)

The 6th avenger ( Avengers fanfic)

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The Asian potato By StilesIsBaex Updated May 26, 2016

The girl that no one wanted the girl that did not cry for years the girl that had parents banish her the girl that was abused, broken, and worthless the girl who no one wanted alive                                                                                                                                                                                   Is now the girl that saved the worlds lives
(Basic plot line nothing really special I also was really bad at writing except for the last chapter which I updated after ages)

You could of put some of the gifts she got but maybe she could have earned the rest of them?
Jeez dude ur right ur writing is bad
                              (U said it first not me✋🏻🤚🏻)
LegendaryRosePlayer LegendaryRosePlayer Nov 04, 2016
Hahaha 'this girl is on fire' sorry just caught in the moment
SaraTheUnicorn13 SaraTheUnicorn13 Nov 24, 2016
Okay so everyone is giving her gifts. And then there's just Hera.
                              "I hate because you are mortal. DEATH FOR MORTALS!!!!"
Cby2288 Cby2288 Apr 22, 2016
Ok the book said the 6th avenger wouldnt she be the seventh since theres steve nat bruce tony clint and thor
can-you-get-Lokid can-you-get-Lokid Oct 19, 2016
please edit.The grammatical errors and lack of punctuations  made me stop reading after the first page.