Precious Puppet (Yandere! Bill Cipher X Reader)

Precious Puppet (Yandere! Bill Cipher X Reader)

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Cringe​y By JustTatertot Updated Jun 12

WARNING- this story contains violence, swearing and other messed up, edgy crap. 

Y/n was diagnosed with psychosis, after a traumatic experience, when they were younger. Now they are a genderless, pansexual, 18 year-old. After they moved to Gravity Falls, their illness became worse, at least that's what they think. Y/n started to "hallucinate" monsters, a fancy dorito, and flashbacks to their past...also a whiny ten year-old with white hair. 

In reality, almost everything was real. The flashbacks were hallucinations, obviously. Bill knew of their condition and took advantage of it. He started to mess with their head, making their life worse. He deeply cared for them, but at the same he wanted to break them. He loved the feelings he had when he was around them, he intends to keep feeling the strange emotions.

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