Merlin // Teen Wolf

Merlin // Teen Wolf

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n e r d By polkadotpotter Updated Aug 31, 2016

"Wait, so you're like... the Merlin? The one from the legends?"

"I didn't know there were any legends about me."

"Yeah, well, there are. How did you get here?"

"I don't know, dollop-head, but maybe we should figure that bit out."

A/N: the beginning of the book starts during the summer that happens between seasons 2 and 3, so they can figure out stuff about merlin without too much interference. then after a while the story will sort of bleed into season 3, so then there will be the alpha pack and the darach and all that jazz. 

I do not own teen wolf or merlin

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Ohh I thought the same thing about it 😂 the stump is so large. But well, now there are machines for trees like that.
I LOVE THIS STORY (and Magic w/ Dean Winchester 😉)
                              I like that you had keep in mind that Merlin is from the Medieval Era, this is just so funny.
mimaradido mimaradido Dec 17, 2016
I'm glad I found this book,I've always wondered what happened after Arthur s death
I wanna laugh so badly but we're having a test in History.....But that's adorable
SmolCaesar SmolCaesar Jan 11
This is perfect AHH I am now officially in love with this book
elizabethstilinski24 elizabethstilinski24 Jul 31, 2016
Best Chapter, I love how innocent he is about this new century😍😁