[COMPLETED] My Dad Does Youtube|| JackSepticEye X Child!Reader

[COMPLETED] My Dad Does Youtube|| JackSepticEye X Child!Reader

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Y/N was dropped off in front of a house, outcold with nothing but a torn blanket and a note, reading "Please take care of them." When the house owner adopts them, he has a hard time spending time with them, because he has a job. He is a Youtuber.

Okay! I just want to say, my first X reader book so don't get pissed. Now, only saying this one will be updated every possible Saturday, maybe. AAAAND the reader us about 5-6ish so really young. You will still have common sense and stuff. ^_^ ENJOY!

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No, I won't cry!
                              I'll craft!
                              Ok, I'm gonna leave now xd
I am a McLoughlin... YES!!
                              Yumiko McLoughlin has a GREAT ring to it!
This is great! Don't get in a depress yourself trying to
                              Entertain us
Love it,but you know instead of him/her you can put they right? X3
YoSuperMega YoSuperMega Jun 19
I'm so confused with the he/she it's very nice to include both but for my it's just hard to read
This reminds me of another story that was with Jack as our dad. OMG DID YOU CIPY OR DID THIS COME FROM YOUR HEART!!???