[COMPLETED] My Dad Does Youtube|| JackSepticEye X Child!Reader

[COMPLETED] My Dad Does Youtube|| JackSepticEye X Child!Reader

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Y/N was dropped off in front of a house, outcold with nothing but a torn blanket and a note, reading "Please take care of them." When the house owner adopts them, he has a hard time spending time with them, because he has a job. He is a Youtuber.

Okay! I just want to say, my first X reader book so don't get pissed. Now, only saying this one will be updated every possible Saturday, maybe. AAAAND the reader us about 5-6ish so really young. You will still have common sense and stuff. ^_^ ENJOY!

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RandomPotatoAlien RandomPotatoAlien Sep 20, 2017
No, I won't cry!
                              I'll craft!
                              Ok, I'm gonna leave now xd
Anti_The_Phobic Anti_The_Phobic Jul 27, 2017
I am a McLoughlin... YES!!
                              Yumiko McLoughlin has a GREAT ring to it!
LexiPoppenhagen LexiPoppenhagen Apr 04, 2017
This is great! Don't get in a depress yourself trying to
                              Entertain us
ReadingRoseBud ReadingRoseBud May 09, 2017
Love it,but you know instead of him/her you can put they right? X3
-swcctandsclty -swcctandsclty Dec 16, 2017
Family: this is precious
                              Me: isn't that a nice wall?
Markishotasfuck Markishotasfuck Jun 19, 2017
I'm so confused with the he/she it's very nice to include both but for my it's just hard to read