Ichimatsu X Reader Fluffy One-shots

Ichimatsu X Reader Fluffy One-shots

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Welcome to Osomatsu-san Hell By kawaiikat7 Updated 2 days ago

This is just gonna be one of those one-shot books. First time writing in public, so I'll try to not disappoint.

Focused on Ichimatsu cause why not. Requests are open if I get to them in time.

Rated T just to be safe, unless you really want me to write lemons and stuff

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, but I do own my stuffed panda. ^^

[Y/N]- Your name
Words in bold in the story are spoken in english
Words in italics are either emphasis on words, sounds, or thoughts in the current POV.

Cover art is not mine, but BlackCatV11 help me make the cover! Check them out!

oinkawaii oinkawaii Oct 16
Maybe he wear a mask to hide his face to look "mysterious"???
Eunikku Eunikku Oct 14
I think because you know.... Ichimatsu always spends his time with cats and ya pretty much know that alleyway smells? I think that even if he likes cats, he doesn't like the smell of the alleyway..... Or the same reason as @Matsu-TaleTrash *shrugs*
BoxedBoobs BoxedBoobs Nov 20
Somehow, my first thought was "pyun~☆" what happened to me.
Aw man look Jyush I am not in the mood for anything or anyone that can make me smile right now. But I guess it's impossible for you not to be cute so I have no choicem
BoxedBoobs BoxedBoobs Nov 20
In japan it's typical to wear them if your sick, however they can make you look more like a delinquent if you wear them everyday. He probably wants this, that way people won't socialize with him as much.
                              Tmf ur weeaboo days finally starting to pay off.
Please stop being cute I'm about to die. 0.0000001 life left