Ichimatsu X Reader Fluffy One-shots

Ichimatsu X Reader Fluffy One-shots

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I AM THE ONE THE ONE THE ONE By kawaiikat7 Updated Sep 12, 2017

This is just gonna be one of those one-shot books. First time writing in public, so I'll try to not disappoint.

Focused on Ichimatsu cause why not. Requests are open if I get to them in time.

Rated T just to be safe, unless you really want me to write lemons and stuff

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, but I do own my stuffed panda. ^^

[Y/N]- Your name
Words in bold in the story are spoken in english
Words in italics are either emphasis on words, sounds, or thoughts in the current POV.

Cover art is not mine, but BlackCatV11 helped me edit the cover! Check them out!

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lov3rofimag1nation lov3rofimag1nation Oct 04, 2017
Boom clap 
                              Im in my brothers cart
                              The beat goes on and on
                              Get out my cart now
DestinyGoneCrazy1 DestinyGoneCrazy1 Nov 14, 2017
For some reason I'm imagining them in the pajamas in the grocery store
jiminchus jiminchus Oct 16, 2017
i wear a face mask so i dont breathe in the scent of stupidity from my school
k4onashi k4onashi Oct 22, 2017
Oh hello! I love reading Ichimatsu x Reader but I am v happy you used my draw as the "main" illustration for this chapter. Glad you liked it~ Now I'll read this thing uvu
ZJEnceladus2003 ZJEnceladus2003 Jul 11, 2017
I thought he wore it because he spends a lot of time with street cats, so not to get a fever I guess?
pleasedontbetaken78 pleasedontbetaken78 Aug 25, 2017
sometimes people where it because they don't like how their face looks and want to cover it