Ichimatsu X Reader Fluffy One-shots

Ichimatsu X Reader Fluffy One-shots

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I AM THE ONE THE ONE THE ONE By kawaiikat7 Updated Apr 01

This is just gonna be one of those one-shot books. First time writing in public, so I'll try to not disappoint.

Focused on Ichimatsu cause why not. Requests are open if I get to them in time.

Rated T just to be safe, unless you really want me to write lemons and stuff

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, but I do own my stuffed panda. ^^

[Y/N]- Your name
Words in bold in the story are spoken in english
Words in italics are either emphasis on words, sounds, or thoughts in the current POV.

Cover art is not mine, but BlackCatV11 helped me edit the cover! Check them out!

I'm perfectly okay with this tbh I wouldn't mind having lunch with Jyushi
I thought he wore it because he spends a lot of time with street cats, so not to get a fever I guess?
............. Everyone screaming about the dab im over here like
                              Ichi, honey work out babu😥
Come on reader-chan! I'd be super pumped for a day with Jyushimatsu!
*jyushi gets sucked by a portal from space* jyushi: vroom vroom