Beyond Fear (Book 1 in The Element Wars) (Published on Amazon - Sample)

Beyond Fear (Book 1 in The Element Wars) (Published on Amazon - Sample)

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This book will be taken down on the 1st March 2017 due to being published on Amazon and will only have the first part sampled here. 

Beyond Fear there is Courage.

In a world ruled by The Elements and torn apart by darkness, a new evil has arisen, to take the throne of Kaimeara.

Trapped within their prison, the once great Elders of Valista hang onto their last glimmer of hope, a hero prophecized to save them all.

Dragged into their treacherous world, 16 year old Lizzie Somers finds herself on a terrifying journey across an unknown land in search of the legendary Winged Horses of Air and her only possible way of returning home.

Helped throughout by an unlikely ally and hunted at every turn by a deadly enemy she must fight for survival.

But as Lizzie's quest spirals out of control, can she find the strength inside to face her fears and defeat the evil or will she lose everything forever, including herself?

Beyond Fear © Stephanie Olivia Hanlon
Cover Design © Carly Chapman

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MeganHites MeganHites Feb 10, 2016
I like the way the words flow, and the plot sounds wonderful!
shadowhunter809 shadowhunter809 Mar 03, 2016
Wow. This is brilliant. The storyline is so captivating! You've done a wonderful effort there. Keep writing.😊
AllyInk AllyInk Aug 30, 2016
I read this book on another account almost a year or so ago - and I loved it so much! Time to reread! :D
sarabeldibouhnouf sarabeldibouhnouf Jul 16, 2016
so interesting and that's the best book I've ever reading I think keep your hard work and we'll done
BenedictEllis BenedictEllis Dec 04, 2015
If only I were such a gifted writer.......Unfortunately, I will never be such. My works are of pure ridicule! You may see for your own self, and read my one story, but it would lead only to distaste.
aestheticxari aestheticxari Dec 04, 2015
So illuminating...your words are so descriptive this is the work of a true author