A Different Breed (Completed) #Wattys2016

A Different Breed (Completed) #Wattys2016

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Red By TaureanQueen Completed

"I don't know. Y-you just....make me nervous I guess." he looked away from her intent gaze feeling pretty pathetic.

She grabbed his face between her hands and looked deeply into his brown eyes. She knew he was nervous, she could see it behind his stare.

"It's alright because..." she spoke softly "You make me feel special."

You weren't supposed to find out ? Really that's what you say ? Bitch the door! 💀💀😩
jaymonet jaymonet Jan 25
😂 you weren't supposed to find out? That's ya excuse? Girrrrllll...
jessiepooh1 jessiepooh1 Jan 30
🎶That part, That part, That part, That part, Ayy🎶 I really need to stop😳😳😂
jessiepooh1 jessiepooh1 Jan 30
These hoes aint loyal, These hoes aint loyal🎶 Ok let me stop😂
ColorMeCamo ColorMeCamo Jan 16
She better get a trash bag that probably will be big enough...
What you supposed to do without him ? Bitch you just fine a minute ago bouncing on thing one's dick . So I guess you can continue you at and ride off into the sunset with that nigga . Tf 😒😦😐