A Different Breed (Completed)

A Different Breed (Completed)

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Red By TaureanQueen Completed

"I don't know. Y-you just....make me nervous I guess." he looked away from her intent gaze feeling pretty pathetic.

She grabbed his face between her hands and looked deeply into his brown eyes. She knew he was nervous, she could see it behind his stare.

"It's alright because..." she spoke softly "You make me feel special."

y'all saying people judging her but she's practically naked in public. she had on no underwear her coochie or tittie could pop out in any second. dudes dont look at her like "imma make her my wife" they look at her like "damn i wanna fuckk"
When I think of people cheating I think of Shaggy singing it wasn't me
Y didn't she just go naked you can see everything even her areola
I knew it from the start she was a hoe when I seen dem titties...
                              Like my nigga you didn't cuss her ass out for wearing a damn cut up curtain??? Up here seeing black ahh nipples and shii
Jpo_loves Jpo_loves Jun 19
I already the vibes I'm getting! I'm excited for what's you have to offer! 💗
xxxnyah xxxnyah Aug 09
Am I the only one who see the spot under her that look like blood 😂😂