How Bad?!?!?!(Nalu And Fairy Tail Story)

How Bad?!?!?!(Nalu And Fairy Tail Story)

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LucyDragneelFlawless By LucyDragneelFlawless Updated Dec 04, 2016

So one day Lucy goes to school and has a shirt that says I only date bad boy. Then Natsu wears a shirt that say a bad boy . Natsu goes up to Lucy and asks How bad?!?!?                            

Will this affect there relation ship? 
Will Natsu and Lucy be boyfriend and girl friend will they go on a date?!


laibanaeem08 laibanaeem08 Nov 02, 2016
I thought it said whipped and she was hitting him so I was like da fuk
DjSparkle DjSparkle Dec 16, 2016
Wtf is happening?! Who attacked her?! Was it NATSU or was there another person? Who tried to kiss her? Was THAT Natsu?
Otaku_QueenBee Otaku_QueenBee Dec 17, 2016
I JUST UNDERSTOOD so Natsu was next door 2 her maybe her window or something and this guy tried to kiss her but she opened the window and he helped but he got knocked out ...............we dont know who tried to kiss her yet tho
Animeloverforevr Animeloverforevr Dec 22, 2016
Natsu yur so cool *laughs in the corner Hahahahah!!! Lol!!!!
winchester729 winchester729 Dec 29, 2016
Yas their is no lisanna everyone dance yaassssssss lisanna can go burn in hell and I can eat her soul along with anyone who ships nali cuz I hate nali and I would kill you if you did. Go NALU yaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
SkylerChan223 SkylerChan223 Dec 03, 2016
Lol... I just remembered a book called troublemaker and the girl and guy lived next door