The Hottest Man Alive

The Hottest Man Alive

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Daniel Walker: The Sexiest/Hottest Man Alive for two consecutive years. Of course he's handsome, hot and tempting, let alone a well-known celebrity that woman fancied from top to bottom. He starts to question his charisma and physique when he sees a video of his Number One hater who's ridiculing his entire existence. Hell, she even calls him fat and gay. Daniel doesn't like that and so he's gonna track her down. But everything starts to turn upside-down when they starts to live together for a month. He realizes he's already falling for her.

Leighton Garret: She's also known as the Gossip Bitch. She's the infamous woman-in-mask who bashes celebrity whom she thinks doesn't deserve to be in the spotlight. She considers herself as the Number One hater of Daniel Walker. She hates his entire existence, like...super hate. She's not expecting that a video of her will reach Daniel's attention and the next thing she know, she's going to live with the arrogant jerk for a whole stupid month.

Will this sudden flash of spotlight of Daniel Walker turns into love he doesn't expecting? Will this unexpected affair of  Leighton with Daniel is going to change her perspective for true love? Can the Hottest Man Alive tame his ultimate hater?

Junexxi Junexxi Oct 28, 2014
I was caught by the cover and the story seems intresting...time to grab some food!!
LaRosaNegra115 LaRosaNegra115 Jun 25, 2014
I know this story is fiction but is her site real? Cause now I REALLY want 2 c it
sandracrook sandracrook Oct 27, 2013
Gossip B!tch? Hmm, this is making me curious. I guess this will be as funny as The Grumpiest Man Alive. I'm pretty sure I'll rock my reading list. Good job,
felinemcgraw felinemcgraw Oct 27, 2013
I loved the previous book and this chapter is kinda tickling my curiosity.
kattymcphee kattymcphee Oct 27, 2013
Oh man, an another matt bomer story. I love the first part. Good writing style. Hat's off.
mmm.. this new story def has me intrigued. liking what I've read so far..I will def be continuing ;)