my bb 2 | 박지민

my bb 2 | 박지민

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-알렉스 By toxicvelvet Updated 2 days ago

"Where have you been?"

- in which Eunbi and Jimin meets after 2 years, though both have changed in both good and bad ways.

my bb 2 - my (b)oyfriend's (b)oss.

+ sequel to 'my bb - my (b)estfriend's (b)oyfriend.

LMAO I was like Park... & Min.... OMG YOONMIN SHIPPER!! 
                              (Too bad it was probs a combination of park Jimin 😂😂)
srslyfngrl- srslyfngrl- Jan 15
Oh she got herself a visual (and great vocalist) okay I see you Eunbi
popbubs popbubs Feb 06
Now your just like your best friend dating just for business....