Do You Love Me [Minhyuk] [✓]

Do You Love Me [Minhyuk] [✓]

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ѕ e м ι н ι a т υ ѕ By Won_Hoe Completed

What happens when you love a guy who you think might not like you back? 

You and Lee Minhyuk have been friends since forever. And like most stereotypical girl and boy bestfriends you fell in love with him. 

But after all these years you feel like giving up on this one sided love and decided to find a new one.

However, it seems as if Minhyuk now shares the same feelings, but how can you be sure?

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stephanie-s-d stephanie-s-d Dec 14, 2017
Biah whaaaa-?
                              Fine. I’ll go home with Wonho instead.
                              I’m good with that
stephanie-s-d stephanie-s-d Dec 14, 2017
Me: *curses under breath*
                              Joshua: *prayes for two hours straight*
                              Me: UGHHHH FÛCK THIS YOU LITTLE BÎTCH-
                              Okay I’ll shut up now.
                              I need Jisoos.
stephanie-s-d stephanie-s-d Dec 14, 2017
*wiggles eyebrows*
                              Am I sensing a love triangle here?
                              No? No?
                              K, bye
YunYani YunYani 17 hours ago
I am none of the above I will probably be like " I don't have a chance anyway why would I try? "
Shinouis Shinouis Dec 29, 2017
Urghh.. Why? My heart stop beating. How could u do this to me?
stephanie-s-d stephanie-s-d Dec 14, 2017
Hot guy...
                              KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF HES MINE😭